Welcome to the new homepage!

Posted by Mikal de Langen 18:00, 05 November

After alot of hours, it's finally done, the first version of the new website!

However, the website isn't complete since we're still busy with alot of new features! You can expect the following within the next couple of months:

- Updates to the livemap: The livemap is far from ready, but it's ready to use. We will implement new features silently, so we don't bother our users.
- User teams: We'll globally implement user related teams which can be managed by it's creators and assigned members. We'll develop and implement this over a certain time period to get feedback about how we create it and what our users want.
- Multiple mobile applications: Since we have our lightning application up and running, we're also planning a version 2.0 of the lightning application with some fresh performances, another design, and new features. We are developing a new application, called the 'Weather app'. This will feature all our radars, data and many more! The first beta version can be downloaded in the playstore. (it could contain some bugs!)
- Weather charts: As you can see at our product page, we're still developing our weather chart page, this will be done next year.
- Alot more!

We will giving you previews of the not announced items, as soon as possible.

For now, enjoy our new website!