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Together with our partners and sponsors we are staying strong in our development, with them we are busy to provide the best for you. By combining our forces we can create everything we want, but with your input. We are open for suggestions about our services and projects, to make the best out of it.

With our sponsors we can keep going with our development, upgrade our systems and speed up our services. One of our sponsors is Takayama-Events, supporting us to maintain our radar products! Together with companies like Takayama, we make Storm Archive a great success!


Our archives will be visible for everyone. Allowing our users to add their own observations and pictures creates a huge archive with detailed information. This data allows us to recreate the events as real as possible.

With this information meteorologists can predict, and warn more accurate in case of potentially dangerous situations. Adding thunder/lightening data, observation and images, and unique weather maps allows us to create a complete and unique image of what Storm Archive is all about.

Live Radar

Currently we are developing a platform for every weather enthusiasts around, this platform will contain all our users expect of a radar, because it will be developed with their input and feedback.

On this platform it will be possible to track chasers on their real-time position, with real-time pictures and information from these chasers on top off the real radar image. This way we allow viewers to see everything on the same page.


Our applications will be available for everyone, but for storm chasers this app will add extra dimensions, they can be tracked live and real-time.

Specially created so they can report dangerous situations immediately, and because off the real-time features, viewers and citizens will be alerted at the same time.

The app will also display the radar in an adjustable way so it complies with your every wish.